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What We Offer

Face Massage
Female Model

We offer personalized, professional treatments delivered by our experienced physician.

Full facial consultation and treatment plan for every new patient.

Our Menu of Services


Face, neck decolletage or body

  • 1 Treatment Area $300

  • Additional Area $100

  • Prp / Exosomes + $250/session


Localized fat remover


low fat options

Skin Pen



Each IV Hydration Cocktail Starts With A Refreshing Base Of Normal Saline For Electrolyte Replenishment And To Promote Optimal Hydration.

House Cocktails

500ml $150 | +Additional 500ml $50

Immune Defense

Boost Immune System, Feel Better Faster

Get Up & Go
Burn Fat, Feel Energized, Boost Your Metabolism

Specialty Cocktails

500ml $200 | +Additional 500ml $50

Myers’ Cocktail

The Gold Standard For Iv Hydration Vitamins & Minerals

Hydrate And Combat Hangover Symptoms

B12/lipo-b (Skinny) Shots

May Help With Energy Levels And Promote Weight Loss

$25 Each

Package Of 6: $100

Dermal Fillers


When you are ready for something more filling, choose from our selection of HA products.

Lips | Chin | Hands | Jawline | Cheeks Temple | Under eye | Smile lines | Nasolabial folds | Marionette lines


Ultra XC | Ultra+ | Voluma | Vobella | Vellur


Refyne | Defyne | Contour | Lyft | Restylane-L

1 SYRINGE  $600
2 SYRINGES  $1,100
3 SYRINGES  $1,500
4+ SYRINGES?  please ask

Frozen Treats


Medications are created utilizing the remarkable botulism toxin A.

Delivered in the quantity, the locations, and using the product of your choice.

Botox ($12/U)/Jeuveau($12/U)/Dysport($4/U)

Treatment Areas

  • Glabella decrease the 11’s between your eyes, smooth lower forehead  10-20 units

  • Forehead smooth those lines across your forehead  10-30 units

  • Crows Feet smile lines around eyes, that do not make you smile  4-24 units

  • Masseters smooth and tighten the appearance for your jawline  20-50 units

  • Lip Flip smooth the vertical lines around the mouth 4-8 units

*other areas/dosages can be discussed (i.e. bunny lines, gummy smile, platysma bands, four-point facelift)

Hair Restoration

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)


 package of 3  $1500

I had my very first Botox treatment last week. I went with a friend who had it done before. Chanel walked us through the treatments and what to expect before, during, and after treatment. We joked, we laughed, and she put poison in my face. 😂 I only had a couple of spots that I thought needed a bit of help, but I am beyond pleased with the results. No more 11 and crows feet. The process was a bit strange with the “crunchy” feeling, but no problems afterwards. I did not have any swelling after the first few hours and there was no bruising. Chanel must have been super gentle with the needle because I usually have a little bruise after blood draws. I see many more visits with Chanel in my future.

Jennifer Jumper


12700 Hillcrest Road, Suite 170 Dallas, TX 75230

(972) 325-8151‬





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